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Dual Band Ham Inflatable Air Antenna V2
Promotional price from June 20th-July 20th

The next generation of the Dual Band antenna. The V2 ham dual band base & portable 2m/70cm Tx & Rx antenna, 144-148MHz & 430-440 MHz (440-450 MHz USA), 125 watts, & now with extended Rx, 118-160MHz, 380-450Mhz for MilAir listening, VSWR 1:3:1, now with gain 5dBd, waterproof, 450 grams, 1.66m, 6m cable to PL259.



BlackKnight Inflatable Air Antenna 

The BlackKnight military & civil RX antenna, excellent global feedback, selling to many countries, low noise ratio, 118-223-450MHz, This is a dedicated Civil & Military RX antenna, with 8 resonant spots on key UK/EU & US military frequencies, waterproof, 1.65m, 400grams, lightweight, 6m to BNC connector. A top performing antenna for RX MilAir.

The BlackKnight Rx Antenna, is exclusive to Air Antennas.


Radio User review coming in August! Best Selling MilAir RX Antenna.


HF RX Inflatable Air Antenna 

HF RX antenna, a full 0-30MHz RX antenna for shortwave listening. Broadcast AM & SSB across the HF spectrum, base & portable use to BNC connector, 430grams, waterproof, 1.65m, very low noise, excellent feedback on this antenna, Perfect for SDR

As seen in June's edition of Radio User magazine!


MilAir Magnetic Tx & Rx Antenna

Covering all bands between 118- 223-450MHz, length 600mm, 5dBd gain, 3m RG58 low loss cable, BNC male, covers full UK/EU & US civil & military band frequencies, for excellent military monitoring. Now upgraded to Tx (Transmit) on AirBand 118-137MHz, VSWR 1:5:1, 50watts  Strong magnetic fixing for automotive operations. An Air Antennas exclusive product, whip designed & manufactured by us.


Nagoya NA-771 VHF/UHF 2m/70cm Antenna

Nagoya Approved Supplier

***Now with extended Rx, 118-160Mhz, & 380-450Mhz for AirBand, Military, PMR & Marine listening***

Tx & Rx frequency band 144/430 MHz, gain 2.15 dBi, nominal impedance 50 ohm, V.S.W.R ≦1.5:1, Max Power Rating 10 watts, polarization linear vertical, connector type SMA male or female. Antenna Length 396±2 mm
!Beware of cheap fake high VSWR antennas sold on ebay!


Inflatable Air Tri Band Antenna

Air Tri Band antenna, VHF & UHF, 145/220/440 Mhz, for 2m/1.25m/70cm 125watts, VSWR 1:3:1, no ATU required, waterproof, 1.65m, with 6m to PL259. Perfect for GMRS, FRS, ham bands. 


Air Traffic ADS-B/Mode-S Omni Antenna

Resonant at 978Mhz & 1090MHz, UV resistant, 5dB gain, waterproof, wall mounted, supplied with fixing bracket, & 5m low loss cable to SMA male connector. A top performing antenna for MilAir & SDR 

In stock & being supplied to Military & Civil aviation sectors


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Air Antennas design and supply antennas worldwide, to military, marine, GMRS, emergency services, search & rescue, MilAir and ham radio enthusiasts. Established in 2019, we became an official YAESU products supplier in 2020 and Scotland's only official Yaesu ham radio dealer.


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